The New Kitchen is the third episode of Annoying Orange: The Reality Show. It aired on January 17, 2013 and is the third episode.


The contestants must move into a new kitchen to see what it is like, and they will find out who misses home the very most.


  • Setting: The Kitchen
  • Orange: Last time on Annoying Orange: The Reality Show our contestants were pushed into battle with broccoli. Everyone did well but Garret finished the Broccoli Republic and Team Junk won again meaning that Muddy Buddy was eliminated! Who will join him? Find out tonight!
  • Pear: So what are we doing this time around, Orange?
  • Orange: Today the contestants are gonna move into...another Kitchen!!!
  • Grapefruit: Oh no.
  • Orange: Oh yes.
  • Mandy: And what will we do at this new kitchen? How do a team lose this round if we are in a new house?
  • Red: The first person that wants to go home will automatically lose the competition for their team. So don't miss home!
  • Orange: Red, get the teams on the bus and ship them out to their new home!
  • [Scene cuts to the new house]
  • Setting: The New Kitchen
  • Pear: Sweeto Barito!
  • Grapefruit: Just as I expected it. Lame, boring...
  • Grandpa Lemon: I'm gonna go ride my... [Falls asleep]
  • Grapefruit: When will he hurry up and die?
  • Orange: Don't push it Grapey!
  • Grapefruit: Orange, you're here?
  • Orange: Oh I'm watching your every move Grapey.
  • Grapefruit: That's Grapefruit!
  • [Scene shows the gang setting in]
  • Mandy: This isn't half bad guys.
  • Passion: Said it sis!
  • Marshmallow: But where on earth is Liam?
  • Passion: And Peeve?
  • [Scene shows Liam and Peeve fighting]
  • Liam: Gi-me back e top hat you little buzzer!
  • Peeve: BUZZ!
  • Liam: That's it, I want to go home, get me out!
  • Orange: I guess Team Junk lose all down to Liam!
  • Liam: Oh crap!
  • Setting: The Kitchen
  • Orange: Liam lost it for Team Junk so the eliminated contestant is... Grandpa Lemon!
  • Grandpa Lemon: [Snores]
  • Orange: Join us again!
  • [End of episode]

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