The Space Race is the third episode of Fruit-Vengers: The Series. It aired on January 18, 2013 and is the third episode. The previous was Heavy Duty Marshmallow and the next is Kitchen Weapons.


The Fruit-Vengers get blasted into deep space and are forced to get to Marshmalia before the S.E.G, or Marshmallow's planet will be destroyed along with King Marshmallow and his people.


  • [Scene starts with Orange training]
  • Passion: [Walks in] Why are you pushing yourself so hard? Take a break Orange and come and enjoy our time off.
  • Orange: How on earth can I rest when S.E.G are plotting another plan to take down the universe? I have to push myself harder, faster, stronger!
  • Passion: You may be the leader of the Fruit-Vengers but even I can say that you are setting a bad example as the leader. Please, stop hurting yourself.
  • Orange: Passion, does it actually look like I'm hurting myself? I've seen better comebacks from Apple when he was a kid.
  • [Passion rolls into Orange hard and they go spinning into the front room where Marshmallow, Midget Apple and Pear are waiting]
  • Pear: There you are Orange, Me and Midget Apple were starting to get worried about you.
  • Passion: See Orange, you may be annoying but we all still care about you for the guy you are.
  • [Scene cuts to S.E.G Hideout]
  • Grapefruit: Is the rocket ready Robo-Apple?
  • Robo-Apple: Yes it is planted under the Fruit-Vengers' secret base.
  • Grapefruit: And is it targeted for Marshmalia?
  • Robo-Apple: Yes sir.
  • [Scene cuts back to the Fruit-Vengers]
  • Midget Apple: Boy I'm thirsty, I'm just going down to the cellar to get a drink guys, ok?
  • Passion: Fine by me.
  • [Midget Apple goes down to the cellar, only to find that the fridge has been transformed into s rocket that is about to blast off]
  • Midget Apple: Oh my- [Rocket lifts off]
  • Marshmallow: Say, what's that noise? [Rocket smashes out of ground] aaahhhh!
  • Orange: Jump on, we've got to save Midget Apple!
  • Midget Apple: That's Little Apple!
  • [Scene shows the rocket in orbit]
  • Pear: Well what do we do now, I dunno how to fly a rocket?
  • Grapefruit: [Appears on screen] You will be blasted all the way to Marshmalia to avoid the planet being destroyed, if you can get there before us that is! [Evilly laughs]
  • Marshmallow: We have to save my home planet! We have to!
  • Pear: Of course we will, but how do we get there before them if Grapefruit set the rocket on a flight course?
  • Marshmallow: We can still control the speed stick. [Speeds up rocket]
  • [Montage shows the Fruit-Vengers flying through space]
  • [Scene cuts to Marshmalia]
  • King Marshmallow: Hey, what is that thing above the planet? It looks like the Death Star from Star Wars.
  • Grapefruit's Voice: Shut it King Marsh, this is not the Death Star, it is the Death Bar! This is the weapon that we will blow up your planet with.
  • King Marshmallow: That doesn't sound very good.
  • Fruit-Vengers: [Leap in] That's why the Fruit-Vengers are he to stop that dastardly Grapefruit once and for all!
  • [Montage shows the Fruit-Vengers blowing up the Death Bar]
  • Orange: And for now Grapefruit, you can stay in Marshmalia Prison! [Locks Grapefruit up]
  • King Marshmallow: Marshmallow, you saved our kind?
  • Marshmallow: Thank me and the rest of the Fruit-Vengers daddy! We've got to go now, though. Bye! [Jumps into spaceship with the rest of the heroes]
  • Fruit-Vengers: FRUIT-VENGERS FOREVER!!!
  • [End of episode]

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