• Whoa, Whoa whare am I?
  • What?
  • Are you talking to me?
  • I'm not an apple.
  • Hey, I'm not an apple.
  • No,no,no you see I'm a tomato.
  • No,no,no I'm a fruit like an apple but I'm not an apple.
  • Well, that's a common misconseption, but a tomato like my self, I'm a...
  • Ow.
  • What a heck is wrong with you?
  • Don't ever do that to a tomato.
  • Don't you know how easily I bruise.
  • It's "tomato"
  • Taw-may-toe Tomato. It's not hard.
  • Fruit! I'm a fruit!
  • I know, I'm not!
  • I'm a fruit! Tomatoes are fruits!
  • Pumpkins are fruit too you moron.
  • (groans)
  • I hate oranges.
  • I'm a tomato.
  • Tomato
  • Huh?
  • Hey,.. Ow!
  • Hey, hey, buddy don', don't press the button.
  • (yells while getting blended)
  • (yelling inside blender)
  • (yelling continues)

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