Tongue noise, or tongue sound, is a famous noise made by few characters in the series. While it is usually made by Orange, some other characters have made it And the noise sound is nuhnuhnughnuhnuhnuh.

Characters that have made tongue noise


Orange is the usual maker of tongue noise. He uses it in many episodes, usually by annoying other fruits and vegetables, but in episode the episode titled Annoying Pear, he used it to make lighten up Turnip, after Pear accidently made him emotional by calling him a "fat radish".


Pear first used the tongue noise in episode Annoying Pear, in which he tried to cheer up emotional Turnip after he called him a "fat radish". However, the effect made him even more melancholy. His tongue sound is different and slower than Orange's and the others'. He later used the unique sound in the episode Annoying Orange meets Charlie the Unicorn.


Marshmallow also used a tongue sound in the episode Annoying Orange meets Charlie the Unicorn. His tongue sound seems to be slightly faster and higher-pitched than Orange's.

Midget Apple

Midget Apple, in Annoying Orange meets Charlie the Unicorn, made a tongue sound. His tongue sound is similar to that of Marshmallow's.


Zoom had a very aggravating tongue sound first used in ZOOM!!!; when Orange drank Zoom's liquid, his tongue sound became as irritating as Zoom's.

Mama Orange

Her tongue noise is very similiar to Orange's, but a bit more high pitched.


His tongue sound was a little high pitched, but lower than Marshmallow's.


His tongue sound is the same as Broccoli from the Amanda Show's tongue noise. Orange's Abrasive Side does the same tongue noise and does it every time he finishes a sentence.

Annoying Orange Fanon

  • Abrasive Side

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