Waterbottle - Annoying Orange

Water bottle is a character who appears in Annoying Orange - Water bottling and Annoying Orange - the final battle.

Gender - male

Owner - Anthony Padilla (from Smosh)

Death - drank by daneboe, then got smashed by the Great Devourer, the Ultra Dragon, and a swarm of Nixels

Friends - Oliver, Olive, Lemon [muddy buddy 2], Pigs [angry birds], Miss Simian

Enemies - Orange, Grandpa Lemon, Gatanozoa, The Great Devourer, The Ultra Dragon, Pear, Grapefruit, Marshmallow, Shibito Zoyger, Barabas, Tyrant, Giga Chimera, Slithraa, Mezmo, Rattla, Fangdam, Fang-suei, Snappa, Lizaru, Lasha, Spitta, Chokun, Snike, Bytar, Rattlecopter, Ultraman Agul, Buddy, Cob Cops, Quinjet, Cherry, Birdon, Watermelon, Gagi, Ultimate Armored Orange, Epic Chimera, Tepig, Dewott, Serperior, Armored Pikachu, Armored Axew, Armored Reshiram, Armored Zekrom, Misako, Flain, Kraw, Scorpi, Nurp-Naut, Snoof, Vaka-Waka, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, Gumball, Darwin, Super Deformed Mechagodzilla, Super Deformed Godzilla, Skales, Fangtom, Acidicus, and Skalidor.

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